Situation and market

Although there are a lot of generic tools available for the creation of online shops (Wix, Volusion, Shopify, Yahoo Small Business, Magento, etc.), there isn’t market availability of a specific tool adapted and focused on the particular requirements of personalizable design driven consumer goods, that allow an easy and fast way (not requiring specific technical knowledge or abilities) to deploy an e-commerce experience, complete with connection to the supply chain, adapted to multi modal commercial strategies, and seamlessly connected to major existing or new shopping sites, that offers an engaging experience to the consumers, involving them in the design process of personalized consumer goods.


The design-driven consumer goods represent a substantial part of European economy. The targeted industrial sectors represent a total annual turnover of 500BN €, employing 5 million people in more than 500,000 companies across the EU-27. And in this market, there is an increasing interest in personalizable items: more than 35% of online consumers are interested in buying customizable co-designed products. 

It is also important consider that there are average of 264 million e-shoppers in Europe, spending 1,376 EUR / year. Apparel and footwear are the leading product category in e-commerce both in EU and the USA. For example nearly 50% of all Internet purchases in UK were clothing and sports goods, including footwear. It is also the fastest growing category, with 20% annual growth in Europe. 


Our Solution

myShopNET is a project whose focus is on personalizable, design driven, consumer goods: any kind of good, not mass-produced, that require the collaboration of the final customer as co-designer of the product, like for example footwear, clothes, glasses, furniture, clocks, toys, etc. 

These products have very special requirements, due to its nature: for example there is no physical sample before the good has been manufactured, and it is not manufactured before the customer co-designs it, so there is not possible to see it or try it before it has been purchased, requiring specific solutions to overcome these kind of problems, like fitting and sizing tools, powerful realistic pre-visualization tools, friendly and easy to use co-design tools, etc. 

myShopNET main result will be a market-ready software platform that allows a user to create in less than 24 hours a complete e-commerce solution specifically addressing the needs and requirements of the commercialization of customizable design driven consumer goods, comprising specific modules for three types of products (footwear, shirts and high-end fashion), and being easily expandable to new ones. 



Four complementary SMEs

The consortium of myShopNET is composed by four European SMEs, bringing together expertise in ICT development and deployment, personalized consumer goods manufacture, B2C and B2B models applied to consumer goods commercialization, footwear and apparel (both casual and high fashion) business, and fully interconnected Electronic Data Interchange: 

Pro-active ICT consulting and developer, providing advanced tools for consumer goods manufacturers and distributors (mainly in the footwear sector, but also glasses, bags, suits...), focused on 3D visualization and co-design tools, integrated with advanced data management systems, smart fitting tools and material creation applications.

Find more information at www.alugroup.es

ICT SME offering solutions and services targeting specific sectors like the Media, Banking and Retail, Utilities and the Public Sector, as well as horizontal solutions focusing on Content Management, Enterprise SW, Web Apps, Human Resource Management, e-Learning and Mobile Apps. Our activities span several countries in Europe, including CIS, Eastern EU, as well as the Balkans.

Find more information at www.atc.gr

SME with 2 main business units: a fashion department in charge of the B2C clothing, with the entire chain covered: web shop, 2D/3D configurator, CAD, manufacturing and delivery. The user-defined shirts and blouses are produced through a fully automated production fullfillment system. The business department develops ICT solutions for the fashion industry.

Find more information at www.bivolino.com

Start-up SME comprising expertise from Fashion Design, Fashion and Technology Convergence, and e-Commerce. Our work is related to implementation of novel methods to accurately capture physical properties of high quality fabrics, photorealistic 3D simulation, personalized avatars and almost real time rendered simulation of clothing behavior.

Find more information at changeofparadigm.com



Documentary results of the project

This project began in December 2016 and will last until December 2018. If you are interested in any of the non-confidential deliverables, please ask the Project Coordinator. 



Project showroom

Be patient: as soon as we finish the project results, this is the place where we will show them.



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