Technical Meeting in Athens

During the last week of June, it took place in ATC premises in Athens, Greece, an important technical meeting for continuing with the correct development of the project, focused on critical tasks of WP1 and WP2.

The objectives of the meeting consisted in clarifying open questions to be answered to broaden the technical understanding/underlined technologies; ensuring partner responsibilities, activities and tasks are aligned; and agreeing on a detailed plan for the second semester of the project.

The meeting started with a welcome note by ATC, the hosting partner, to all the consortium. ALUGROUP, the Project Coordinator, gave an overview of the progress that has been made so far towards the implementation of the project, during the first 6 months (Dec 2016- June 2017). In addition, the number of submitted deliverables per WP as well as the milestones of the project have been presented. Moreover, the priorities and planning until the 1st Project Review and deliverables list to be submitted until M12 (November 2017) were presented.

We keep working hard for achieving the best results!

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