Fantastic Opportunity for Fashion Designers!

COSME has recently launched a fantastic opportunity for Fashion Designers. Such opportunity is named WORTH. WORTH Partnership Project is about collaboration between talented fashion designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms willing to enter into a partnership to develop innovative products. This initiative aims at establishing connections between fashion design, manufacture, craft and technology.

Worth Partnership Project is funded by COSME programme of the European Union to support collaborations between SMEs and start-ups of designers, arts & craft and creative people with peers tech companies and manufacturers to create innovative and disruptive products and ideas to put them into the market. In these 4-years journey, WORTH will support 150 cross-boundary partnership projects involving more than 450 companies (SMEs and start-ups). WORTH Project aims to increase added value and impact, through the combination of creativity, teamwork, and commitment.

Who can apply?

Creative people, designers, crafters, start-up, technology companies and SMEs manufacturers from fashion and consumer goods industries (fashion/textile, footwear, furniture/home decoration, leather, jewellery, accessories), who are actively looking for new opportunities to exploit ideas and fashionable concepts with a high degree of innovation, disruption, integration of innovative technologies and design. More info:

Regarding this initiative, during the last week of October, it will take place the Networking Meeting Days in Brussels in which myShopNET project will participate and WORTH initiative will be presented.

Stay tuned and make the initiative WORTHwhile!

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