Our first 12 months: Mid-term meeting

During the last week of November, the project partners have held the Mid-term meeting of myShopNET in Barcelona (Spain).

The main objective of this meeting was to review the work done during the first year of project, as well as to discuss and plan the work to be done during the second year.

During this first year of project, partners have met the foreseen objectives; they have completed the work of WP1 (Definition of requirements) and WP2 (Integrated platform), as well as they have begun working on WP3 (Fine tuning of modules).

An important activity of myShopNET is to properly disseminate the project results, to gain presence at the market, paving the way for locating potential clients for the different modules offered at the myShopNET platform for the commercialization of personalizable consumer goods.

As a result of these dissemination activities, myShopNET partners have had the opportunity, during this first year, to show the project concepts and an insight of the results in numerous international industrial and scientific forums, like the 2017 International Mass Customization & Personalization Conference.

Work continues during the second project year, with the start of myShopNET pilots during the first half of 2018.

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